About RCA


Support our clients in order for them to be more effective adding value to their stakeholders.


Dedication to client
Our activity is focused on attending to our clients’ needs and concerns.

Our relationship with clients and other business partners is conducted within a framework of rigor, professionalism and integrity.

Share, inform, communicate and understand the individual work as part of a whole.

Development of our professionals
Support both personal and professional development of our professionals.

Driven to results
Our independence is based on our profitability.

RCA, set up in 1980, is currently a correspondent firm of Praxity, an alliance of independent auditing and consulting firms spread over 75 countries all over the world with 24.500 professional staff and a global revenue of about 3.2 million of US dollars.

RCA has offices in Lisbon and Oporto and representation offices in Angola (Luanda) and Cape Verde (Praia)

RCA is registered with the Portuguese Institute of Statutory Auditors (OROC), which is member of IFAC (International Federation of Accountants).

RCA is also listed in the External Auditors Register of the Portuguese Securities and Exchange Commission (registration number 5 946).